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Between pleasure and expression, gastronomy has a place of choice at La Table d'Uzès

The Table d’Uzès, the hotel restaurant, has one star in the Michelin Guide. The restaurant food is a true delight. Situated in the Languedoc, close to Provence, the hotel restaurant, the Table d’Uzès, naturally focuses on flavours from the South of France.

Open from Wednesday noon to Sunday dinner.

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The Chef Christophe Ducros

From Valence in the southeast of France, Christophe Ducros has been heading up the kitchens at La Maison d’Uzès since 2016 and since that time has maintained the restaurants Michelin star rating. His career path led him to work at many prestigious restaurants such as La Tour Rose in Lyon (1 Michein star), La Pomme de Pin in Courchevel and recently at l’Oasis in La Napoule (2 Michelin stars).

Today he’s going back to his roots, back to what he’s always loved; cooking from his childhood. «We love cooking with the seasons. The food is authentic and respects the origins of its ingredients.»

An enthusiastic chef, he enjoys enriching his dishes everyday with produce harvested from the nearby valley. «The market stalls at the Place aux Herbes are overflowing with delicious aromas and colors, only a few steps away.

La Table d'Uzès

The chef selects the finest products, and most beautiful fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, courgettes, beans, and aubergines ripen slowly in the warm sunshine in this part of the world. Regional cuisine combines their colours and flavours, accenting them with aromatic herbs. Pastries are made with sun-kissed fruit: peaches, apricots, and nectarines. This freshness and sweetness are in keeping with the hotel’s spirit.

The restaurant’s cooking epitomises the many facets of fine Languedoc cuisine and goes beautifully with a good bottle of wine from the region (or elsewhere).

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